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Board Members

Keith Maynard

Keith is the President of the Wild Hog Canoe Race, and currently sits on the board of directors of the Levy ARC. Keith has been an instrumental part of the Canoe Race since the 1980s.

Daniel Maynard
Board Member

Daniel is the son of President Keith and has competed in the WHCR since 2008, where he won first place with his brother. Since then he has (3) 2nd place and (6) first place finishes.

Toni Collins
Board Member

Toni is a historian, researcher, and author. She is also on the board at Levy ARC and has been instrumental in helping the WHCR obtain the finish line property to ensure future races.

Patrick Walsh
Board Member

Patrick is a commercial pilot and local business owner(AirSign Inc). He lives in Bronson with his wife and 7 kids, and has raced 3 times in the WHCR. He finished 4th with son Adrian in 2016.

Justin Maynard
Board Member

Justin is the Chief Creative Officer at AirSign inc and helps design the website and Facebook ads. He lives in Williston with his wife and 6 kids, and is the son of Keith Maynard.

Dave Kunkleman
Board Member

Dave joined our team in 2016 and has been a huge help to the WHCR for a few years now. He lives in Dunnellon with his wife and 10 kids, many of which volunteer at the yards sales.